Trig's Smokehouse Green & Gold Brat

This brat is the perfect centerpiece for Wisconsinites who live and breathe green and gold. With a mosaic of chunky green peppers and streams of golden cheddar cheese, one look at our Green & Gold Brat reminds you that food can, in fact, be beautiful. But the beauty isn’t just skin deep. When you bite through the tender, all natural casing, you’ll instantly notice that the lean 100% pork brat is juicy, without being greasy. The progression of flavors hits you one at a time. Your taste buds will dance with crunchy garden fresh green bell peppers followed by creamy, smooth Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese. Finally, the kick of our top-secret award-winning seasoning hits the back of your throat. The combination will leave lingering notes of pepper to warm you up and ready to cheer on Wisconsin’s favorite football team.